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the one or the other, and whose operation does not depend at all upon

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the physical signs. Reaccumulation of fluid immediately after

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quence of the miasm, would otherwise be uninhabitable. It

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need to realize more fully that the latter has, to a con-

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operation should be performed, unless bad symptoms are

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toms of injury to the brain, immediately after the injury was re-

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other hand, if we turn to the autopsy records, where

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In localized peritonites with encysted effusions, or,

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that hence disease of .the spleen is less frequently met with there.

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very difficult to treat, as there are two elements to counteract — the

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liquid, depending altogether on rectal alimentation to sustain

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The second point has reference to the question of operative

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vicinity of this fiber but its course is largely free from contact

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had one to three attacks of severe epistaxis daily, followed by sensations of

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had been run over by a gig, and was at once conveyed to the hospital. Frac-

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shall be disinfected by the use of quick lime. It is further rec-

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bloated, and there were no indications of jaundice or incipient

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poisonous symptoms, and one per cent, rapidly kills. When

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that these toxic products may be absorbed from localized foci of inflamma-

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In Florida the disease seems to be less prevalent in the high than

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Fig. 96. — An undermilled rice stained in the same way. The unstained areas

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to the field hospitals ; but to such, even at the field dressing-

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In no other State, therefore, it would seem, are the conditions more

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all sorts of foods and drinks, while the third part, "Diet in Disease,"

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analysis involves examining the forehead for possible de-

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diagnosing the case, came to the conclusion that the

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having the man use his own effort in restoring function, it has been

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dangerous parts of the country. He stole indeed, as

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the fearful malady, though I know not what the learned

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582. Soda. Biscuits — Ingredients^ — 3 pts. of flour, i tablespoonful of

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