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the Fellows and Officers may unitedly endeavor to per-

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activity in the tubercular disease at some part distant

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from which the medical officers enjoy the privilege of ordering daily dinners

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organization, the harmony and the advancement of the profession.

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convalescence ; in 1 case out of 5 it persisted six

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It is stated in the Surgical History of the U. S. War of the

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better treated by a meat-diet than by medicinal tonics.

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day. We can produce typhus fever, for example, by injecting a

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the tetanus gives place to relaxation. When the contractions are com-


President of the Kentucky State Medical Association, etc.

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viscous food — 'SUch as dried figs, preserves made

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society in the country it was more than a treat — it was an epoch.

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up and the haemorrhage, which during the operation had been

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light, but the very fine particles which are responsible for this effect

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and shows a parenchymatous degeneration in nearly all cases.

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flow through the internal carotid artery. 87 In a series of 206

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it be sex determinant at all, be the male-determinant, which exerts

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But it is fufficiently evident that all thefe infe-

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chfi^acter. Pathologically, or, more correctly, patholc^co-

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year ago was not an easy task. The idea of a voluntary

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6th, Peritonitis is occasionally apt to recur in successive children in the

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First, the fetal, corresponding to the last seven months of the

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soft, aseptic catheter first; try to carry it gently along the upper

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XX. On a Ca»$ of Premature Puberty, By Robvrt Bath Bhart, Esq. — ^This case

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Michael’s Medical Center, 268 High Street, Newark, NJ 07102.

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cleft-palate o[)erations early in his career, he having

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Edward Hine wrote to the '-Liverpool Mercury," saying, "I

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hatched out in the flesh. Persian Insect powder is one of

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and deaths were numerous. The visitation became notorious, and android

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which is dorsal, has not been changed since admission.

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page 23:' — " In this country, at any rate, anti])yretic drugs

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such a sJiirt is much betler than an abdominal band.

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be of universal distribution. But experience teaches

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oncogene, known for its leukemogenic activity in chickens,

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tadalista 20 mg tablets

al renewal fee may be included, with such other legislation as

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