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the wind-pipe and oesophagus was a black slimy fluid ; both lungs were inflated and oedema*
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tetany of older children and adults. In this patient
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The fever is associated with wasting, which is frequently out of all
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essentially the same fact by inserting in the path of
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repeated the operation eight days later, using the same
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It frequently happened that the relative involvement of scrotum and
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the actual tissues. His observations have been made on the kidneys of
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Kingdom in oeneral. After the last-named date the l)aric oscil-
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frequent, the patient is unable to take nourishment, and the
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ranee found a pistol bullet in the Drain of a young man
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The scalpel is then passed down, guided by the interval between
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first being that of course the aetiology of a process must be
still remains available for those others is apt, in such cases, to be
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Any information relative to the meeting will be furnished on
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1893 c— Idem. [Abstract] <J. de med. vet. et zootech., Lvon, v. 44, 3. s.,
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rifles of later days, have been illustrated in comparatively recent
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great discrepancy in the treatment of dysentery: the peculiar character or typt
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of the boys was removed directly the first symptoms set in, and
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which maintains the importance of a correct muscular
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repeated use of the hypodermic syringe, thus withdrawing a
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acteristic odor and a burning sweetish taste. Its vapor when mixed
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enlarged. On the other hand, I have only rarely found the drop or
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made; or 33-j per cent, on medicine, and 50 per cent,
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one who has watched patients die witli extensive tuberculous
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