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any water. When the symptoms disappear, the person should then

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to obtain and much more ether will be required. Once the reflexes

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The high tide of Augustan literature overflowed into

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tion. It may be difficult to draw sharp distinctions in such cases, as, for instance,

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symptoms becoming distressing, incision was performed and a

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fed, being unable to nurse from the mother's breast. The an-

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it, had to pass through these, hence the sick " sat in the gate," in the

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widely than will allow a finger to be put in between the teeth.

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pressed. After removal of a portion of the callus with a chisel, it was seen

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set aside as "suspicious." From these groups a definite diagnosis

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are in the same way rendered inferior in atmosphere, partly

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And this kind of instruction harmonizes admirably with the

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unteers learning to juggle, which challenged the traditional

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partment, into the circumstances surrounding a criminal

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rubbed in and allowed to remain on for three or four hours, when the body is

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