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patient can retain it for four hours, without inconvenience, I use the
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knowledge, the coexistence of systemic amyloidosis and
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We are glad to be able to congratulate the authors of this
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or of resulting inflammation, is found to be quite unfavorable for such a pro-
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she occupies a subordinate position to him. I will not occupy time and
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— or, as Dr. R. T. Edes has put it, " Ether is expen-
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factory, both as regards the cure of the condition and the com-
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Acromegaly is the least subtle of the hypersecretion
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8. The use of anaesthesia — what article, in what quantity and
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Acheson, A. W. — Case of luxation of cervical vertebra; reduction,
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degenerated, as also was the forceps major, which probably includes the fibres connecting
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any subject which I can illustrate by cases. With this privilege, I will and can
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man, lie in wait, and have done so from prehistoric times, for oppor-
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by his laborious mathematical investigations, had developed its prhiciples into the
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like membrane formed of albumen is added; still further
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the number of joints involved and the greater the chance of complete
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sense of hopeless loss. But to this Academy they can
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morphine; also that in order to obtain ecjual physiological effects it
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containing no iodine had no effect, whereas 5 grams of a preparation
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It can not be denied that ammonia, alcohol, and ether, given in
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3. Cases with increased thyroid function show a uniformly dimin-
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by Watson Williams, and by Chappell in New York. The former
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yet are the tender ones, especially of little Infants, very likely to be contami-
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remove the symptoms and lesions caused hy these concrements
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good motion had been secured ; in the others the re-
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