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arrested as promptly with quinine as if there had been no com-

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from myelitis. As has been suggested in the discussion of

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Take out the stomach of a calf just killed, and scour it well

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of Board for the physical examination of officers, Revenue Ma-

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fungous protrusion larger than the other, and more vas-

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to leave unfortunate people without their gates to the care of old maids and

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Excrements, rolling into the cavity of the bladder in new-born

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suggested that this type started as a congenital lesion. In traumatic myositis

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Dr. Fred. Lapsley, a graduate of Toronto University, died on January

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Substrate = 2.0 per cent egg albumin solution, pH 2.0, = 10.0 units of pep-

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same species. A permanent modification of the radial into the bilateral form can

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of this fever, and more likely to recover from it, when they

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The attacks of pain seem to depend in no small degree upon the

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that it is impossible to demonstrate the existence of my-

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than anyone can possibly conceive, but his many friends in the

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be appointed, and shall be filed with the secretary of state.

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In brief, it was recognized that there were two groups of lesions in

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muscular fatigue and exaggerated reflexes, and, lastly,

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clinicians, of whom a third had at least one risk factor identi-

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operation. In one the placenta was attached to the omentum, and so covered

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has appeared to have arisen spontaneously, or at least to have

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The light is placed at about eighteen inches on one side of the patient's head,

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he was able to return the protruded gut after reducing its size by

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in a suicidal or homicidal tendency, or in other imitations of recognised

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called the results of peribronchitis, but they really begin as tubercle, and the

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years we know nothing: we can picture Mile. ]\Iance, now grown old,

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over sphincters — Absence of bedsores — No affection of sen-

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pleural effusion. Compensatory excursions on the healthy side may occur,

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