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plaints are benefitted by inhalations of these vapors, may be equally new

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Grote, 1862, II. Auflage. — Panum, Experimentelle Untersuchungen zur Phy-

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3. It was necessary to test the validity of this law for the regenera-

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Although thymol is very insoluble in water there is some danger

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plete assortment of our popular Tablets ond triturates, at the special price of S3. 00, has been

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patch, impossible to see with the unaided eye, may con-

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probably enlarged and did not protect the glottis from the intrusion of

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anthrax cultures which has many points of similarity to snake poison and called

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it would certainly be disallowed by Her Majesty, or be declared

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Symptoms of diseases of the gall-bladder are numerous, and

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been very successful, no deaths liaving occurred as a conse-

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the color improves, the muscles contract, the sensory ganglia respond to ex-

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accepted theories controverted, and new theories proposed.

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air, which is the sounding medium thrown into vibrations by the

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trouble often disappears as suddenly as it came. If the cause is not re-

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are bronght into the stuae state ; their elcmunt£ are Eei>aral«d and nvwl; u>

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that with the single exception of the first, they are all capable of being

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kerchief be used it be promptly burned before the se-

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No stone should be left unturned to stop every source

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gical Review, for July, Prof. T. Gr. Richardson has an article on the


point of origin to their point of termination, so that if

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activity was somewhat increased. He was quite restless a great part of the

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of it. Meanwhile I became alarmed, lest my character should

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only their own names, but the names of other medical men who would

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is his fourth case in which he has noted the enlarge-

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disposed to lay the greater stress on a selective affinity, which seems

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of Bonnet and rommier had demonstrated ; that fractures

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There is work for four people, she must do it alone;

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latter fact that the patient with Bright's disease in the

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three weeks without severe reactions in any case. Two patients with

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is efiected." In the first five pages a condensed but accurate

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tilation, it has been found that in general a moderately cool and

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Opium in doses of one grain or one grain and a half,

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congestive heart failure, sinus bradycardia, heart block

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placenta, with passage of bacilli into the foetal circulation.

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being familiar with the Pickwickian syndrome when he was a house

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