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treatment of this serious condition. Remedies and meas-

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of more than three years has elapsed since the most

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the slightest abnormity in the percussion note, or respiratory

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ble witnesses who did not see him steal it. Thus, because those

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vessels. &c , are wounded, the effect is increased

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ileociecal valve to such an extent as to impede the

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that are associated with the taking of food. When the food is actu-

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this is especially desirable when the objectionable generic term " sensory

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of Calgary. He was in the habit of carrying his knife

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By EvoRY Kennedy, M. D., late Master of the Rotundo Lying-in Hospital.

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The phenomenal piic g ugua] form t bemg covered ^ lt h h s

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years 1854 to 1857, inclusive, was over eighty -six thousand ounces, or two

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Most current activity of the Auxiliary is the Health

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will conclude by passing in brief review some of the

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diarrhoea, no gain in weight followed. This seemed to suggest that

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its seat and what its cause ; and, finally, what is to be done.

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»Ti'(l for a loiij; timo aw tho solo ami only primary iii-

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boiled over at 109-10° at 22 mm. Claisen gives 96-100° at 12 mm.

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to winds, and winds aid ventilation in two ways : First, by perflation,

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stuck fast, and remained until 1882, three years, when it became

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middle age, living in cities, taking both meat and alcohol, and exerting

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sn ith, Cowper, Burns, Coleridge, Byron, Keats, Shelley,

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age. Two recovered and two died. In two other cases in which

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peptones of the protamin group, namely, what Kossel terms j^rotones.

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aBargerandShaw, Pharm. J. & Tr., London, 1904, XIX, 249.

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and without contagion having anything to do with it."

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disease he sought not to the Lord, out to the physicians. And Asa

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scripts, eight from the senior high school division and

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ends of the first four sutures whicli were left long for tliis purpose.

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As regards the several modes of death to horse flesh, in which

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