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The horse seldom suffers from piles, but the dog frequently is

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carrving out that policy as it were, the principle and platfonn


8. Hagemeijer Larrd J, Haalebos MM, Hugenholtz PG: Effective-

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doctors failed to diagnose and treat epiglottitis. Continued

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years is that of the stomach and duodenum. We now deal not only

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entirely a mysterious force, but, in part at least, is an electric discharge,

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approach the subject, I have appended to this catalogue an index-glossary of

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to dilate the preformed sac, whose lumen may be small, as that the

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genic, and yet showed a distinct clunn) reaction. Drs.

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quite frequently constipation is present. In nearly

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out the value of the silver-wire longitudinal suture and

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•6631 Hansen, E. C. Practical studies in fermentation.

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York public school in a suburban district at the present day. In a

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patches may often be seen which are in no way related to vessels.


water, 4 oz., rectified sjilrit, 30 oz.; mix and filter.

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which maintains the importance of a correct muscular

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with the thumb and ringer, and having charged the syringe

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Nine controls and 300 NPT recordings were performed on 100

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greater slowness of liquefaction of gelatin and of coagulation of milk, and

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P.L. Schiffman, M.D., R.E. Westlake, M.D., J.A. Fourre, E.T. Leonard, New Brunswick

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which, from its simplicity, became very popular. It depends

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Only two animals survived for as long as 12 days. Jaundice always developed

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"Testimonies of American Statesmen and Jurists, to the


without disintegrating tubercles, all the different forms or stages of

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supervene oedema, congestions, infarctus, gangrenes (case xxvii).

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of the chordae tendineae radiating to the back of the valve. On

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clear. There is no relation to paralysis, at least so far as the

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Senecio amplectens taraxacoides, Gray, Proc. Acad. Phila. 67 (1863).

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if taken by aged or feeble persons, the remedy will occasionally pro-

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cerebro-spinal (P)^** fluid escaped; no subdural clot.

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simulates rachitis, but the mistake in diagnosis is not apt

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