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cant in those with complications compared with the control
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180 milliamperes gave brilliant results, in pyosalpinx none whatever. In
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the poll ; of the base of the cranium. Dislocation of the lower jaw. Open
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by percussing the abdomen, or by steady pressure on
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''almost always the glycosuria is very slight, a mere fraction of 1 per
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The responsibility of the doctor in enabling the pa-
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wid felt as if extending deeper. In other words, it
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FouRNiER reported ecthyma in a child, simulating syphilitic chancre. The
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projections of the size of an egg, covered by thickened peritoneum, and rendered uneven by
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When writing .\dveitisers, please mention The American Journal of Clinical Medicine
The operation is a very simple one, and there is considerable
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dose and the severity of the after-effects, and there was no
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and in 6 hours I had the man taking brandy by the mouth. I
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The lar^ intestines, only partially covered by perito-
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cent. The mammae were involved once in every 690 cases; the lobe
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sions and fibrous bands which impede or completely prevent gliding of the
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is made easier by leaving the humeral head to fill the glenoid fossa.
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At the risk of wearying you, I will repeat, in part, that which
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true case of that disease occurring so early in life.
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brane and remains of the hymen. This line of demarca-
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ready dilated, or where there is any tendency to increase of
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affected in disease. When the heat production is increased the body
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