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on its wonted strength, and assume its former health.

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Isinglass as a Blood Substitute, Proc. Meeting Amer-

what is topamax 100mg used for

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Monatsbl. f. Augenh., Stuttg., 1892. xxx, 329-336. —

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conditions existed under which a temperature in excess of

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arteries were ligatured by my friend Dr. M'Evoy of Bal-

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been assigned to Zone 1. There were 1,006 nonpellagrous persons liv-

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After the reading and approval of the records of the Annual

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hospital. You see to-day that there is still some slight

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To all my friends and family for their continued support ttiroughout these past four

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cause pressure and occasion retained secretions either in

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He took his degree at Edinburgh in 1810, and shortly after-

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substance that is suspended in the air as organic par-

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which they may acquire by purchase, donation, devise, or otherwise,

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the slowness of his recovery, and demanded his dismissal; the signs

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haemorrhages had disappeared, and the Kelly : "Handbook of Practical Treatment."

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two, after the stools are, to all appearance, healthy.

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ICrences: 1. Allen, A. C.: The Skin, A Clinicopatholoaical Treatise, e<l. 2, New York,

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the temples at Cnidus, were the first to follow the impulse of

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ance of the monkey to subsequent injections, if the interval be-

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tinuous air douche. The patient made a complete re-

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is the only one of our domestic animals which suffers from this

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ointment, is added with advantage. Other means of treating

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•n excess of venous blood. This difference accounts for a marked dis-

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1882 Pepper, Augustus Joseph, M.S., M.H., 13, Wimpole Street, W,

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The disease is attributable to invagination or internal strangulation of the

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Hard driving on pavements, or hard dry roads, or by allowing

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