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owing to implication of the diaphragm and intercostal muscles, respira-
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diffused throughout the entire sphere (Fig. 41, d). Simultaneously with
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nor that when the creature is near, or juft part, the time of
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diforder which the eyes of horfes are fubjedl to on
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Etiology and pathology. — This disease of the liver is due to the
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ation of improvement in hearts that do not show fibrillation a diverg-
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ture at Rouen inform us (^), that one of their mem.-
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even when the patient has been presumably kept in bed from the first,
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disease inhibit its action to a certain extent. At any rate, although
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It is, however, a common experience that older children, youths, and
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exercised in selecting a vaccinifer free from the slightest suspicion of
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a typhoid and asthenic type. The patient is extremely prostrate. There
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and comparative anatomy. This is well shown in the Ptolemaic school,
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community life by control of food and water supplies and by the segrega-
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pleura and narrowing or blocking of the tubes in the consolidated part of
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great interest. It does not, however, entirely disprove this hypothesis
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bolism of fat in the body, incomplete combustion of fat occurs
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there is a general muscular weakness with beading of the ribs, the case is
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than sugar. Fats and moderate quantities of alcohol do not increase the
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interstitial neuroglia, along with slight extravasations of blood, may be
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ciation. If Medical Societies in the West or other parts of
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11,041 cases of phthisis, collected by various investigators, there were
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many specimens of this parasite in the subperitoneal connective tissue
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oculating it in them confidered, 3S9. How to treat it in
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is later, appearing towards the end of the second or about the beginning of
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cases, however, there is reason to believe that the symptoms depend mainly
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from the conjunctival sac or drainage resulting from the action of
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chilling, or marlhy. Clear river water is the beft ;
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that he n^ver had loll a fwarm from the day of his difcovery to
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surgical operations not only can be performed more safely, but also, by
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of the extremities, abdomen, and elsewhere, often causing the sufferer to cry
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caseous material, which may be of pus-like consistence, or hard and solid
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jedl to the glanders than the horfe, as was before ob-
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cal Pffa-ys, &ed. I. Colonies, p. 263 ; and continued by a letter to
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unrelieved even by a white collar or a dash of lace. How deftly
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and indeed, as far as stunted limbs are concerned, throughout life. During
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which make good valual)l(> practical reading and study. Were we
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hiccough. The symptoms referable to the stomach always appear in
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manner with severe pain, the patient, as a rule, waking up in the early

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