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of a grain to a grain may be given at once, and this
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profession. His literary accomplishments are proofs of his great
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or hot lime wash, will overcome the trouble 5 use sulfur
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exhibit the active, brusque movements characteristic of leptospira.
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padded and grated for the reception of violent cases), and
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is thoroughly established. During the early stages, when there is
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Physician in the Audience: It is frequently said that a
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These fragments were scattered in all directions, radiating from
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affection much less conmion than it used to be. In the
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Neale (Richard). The first appendix to the medical digest, in-
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duced the text of my discourse, which in a sermon like this should
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of the muscles, whether at rest or in the state of epileptic spasm, is vastly
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have forgotten the words expressing a certain idea. Thus,
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tremor of the heart, previously so slight that I feared it might prove a
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when, after much exposure to wet, lie was seized with shivering,
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septic matter from any source. The poor live on harsh, indi-
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ful care of the sick and wounded. Above and around the
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plaint of pain in the epigastric region, without vomit-
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of snakeroot, and drink in the course of the day as much
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under the inspiring influence of female culture and liberty, that these great
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sulfuric acid. As obtained in this way, the yield of nitroso compound
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from the U. S. S. Saranac^ whose time is now expired. It would be
vate dissection — place facilities in the hands of the Student
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leading to retention which is followed by incontinence of urine,
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not absolute but modified protection, enough to shut
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they are common from indigestion or intestinal worms,
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the abdominal wound closed with deep silver and superficial silk
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course for about two weeks, and left him in good health.
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isting requirements for the third-year degree, each can-

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