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was removed and the wound treated. He also had a suppurat-

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of man in the genial climates of France, Italy, or Greece.

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I think, with Clouston, that any one taking into account

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organic fermentative changes ? Cheese undoubtedly possesses a

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raking — so highly recommended by some authors — should never

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Neild. F. M. A case of fracture of the tubercle of the tibia. Lancet. London,

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caused ulceration of the tracheal walls, especially

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to be thought fit for duty in the Ist battaUon, will be sent

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for some time, owing to the susp'cion that some of the

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The work in oratory is of a practical character. An

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times there are repeated rigors, local pain and tenderness, and a continuous

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grs. of quinine should be taken. The head should be protected from the

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be explained, it was never voted on. We believe that this bill, if its provisions

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cent influences of Guy's Hospital are now known in every part

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gested a hi.story of medical science, beginning with a panegyric upon a^scu-

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other hand ovario-cystic fluid only exceptionally be-

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salted water. Put them on to boil, and when nearly done add the roast

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extensive ulceration of the intestine, the disease remains localised, owing

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plegia with incontinence of urine and faeces due to connective

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which the anesthetic is dropped. This allows the operator to

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group of Acarina. In addition to their arachnid characteristics (the

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difficult cases of long standing, it may be necessary to

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meal, followed by one long and sound sleep, would last him for

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the organ, and malignant disease. In suppurative af-

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he found it to be one of those extra-peritoneal cysts lined with

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ordinary course and duration of the disease occupies about

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