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Management of CoUierj' Horses ' are models of common-sense, clear

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210 Sixth part. — Advice in case of small accidents.

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reference list should be typewritten and double-spaced on

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Instead of regarding optic neuritis as in any way specially related to

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With engravings and a bibliographical index. London :

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9. The Secretaries, Treasurer, and Editor of Transactions

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but this the form of invitation explicitly precludes. From

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fully inqiiired into, until, in Nov. 1879, when attending such a patient —

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certainly, with the corpus striatum also. Besides this mass of fibres,

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mosis, and, finally, j)erforation of the and

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Bromides has fully gratified my expectations in such cases as hys-

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cretinism, which has proven itself without parallel in practical medicine,

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glycerinated media, at least judging by the very numerous at-

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formation show themselves a nephrotomy or nephrectomy is indicated,

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and if we will confine ourselves to what he has to tell us about it,

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the patient does not complain of great thirst, yon need

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A 2. Cancer of the liver may cause uniform enlargement, local

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temperature of 60° C. the electrical response disappears. This tempera-

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nected with external things. And that the secondary or de-

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infectious disorders. It follows erysipelas, pneumonia, py-

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soluble poison that is capable, when present in the blood, of exerting a

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stitial hemorrhages. The majority of the glomeruli showed marked changes.

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Septic embolism is exceedingly common. It is frequently peripheral,

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But this pristine perfection could not long be perpetuated.

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Sroduce complete contraction the remedies — except the ergot of rye — ought to

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my certificate of dividend, which is $3.96 instead of $16.03 for last year ! The

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various scenes on certain holidays, but only the priests,

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sonnd. He thinks tbat '* man's inherent appetites are a tme and reliable goide

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Measles.— "M. 2 (Mary 185, P.M. 370), complicated with diphtheria.

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in its object of supplying nutrition, but we must endeavor to make

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amount of calomel to be started as a routine measure.

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large scale, ffidema following pneumonia is usually gradual in

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The following gentlemen were elected officers of the Association until the first annual

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