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an investigation of the first branch, in a Course of Lectures, with de-

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tion of cocaine and adrenalin. Let the injections be subcutaneous,

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Nixon had sucli a patient, who complained of a severe form of

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be the result of its stimulant action upon the nerves and absorbents

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(5) That sulphonal is best administered by mouth, in hot

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it not only cleans the vagina but the mucus rapidly re-accumulates and is

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and a diagram kept. Patient is directed to eat noth-

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averaging somewhere near 120 gallons per capita per day. It is

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and yet failing to give us the diagnosis he so clearly made

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842 catarrh, 37 pneumonia, 57 pleuritis, and .19 phthisis puknonalia ;

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fection is more or less an idea inherited from the earlier days of

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ever, to one thing in regard to operating under chloroform,

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cathedra. The digestion of the oil being partly effected by its

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hence the influx of our people to the principal sea-

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much each of these factors contributes to the result we can

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use of antiseptic dressing in these cases of excision. He

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The thick, hard mitral formed a projection into the ventricle, which

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West Indies, in the Jamaica command, 63, and in the windward and

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expectoration, oppression of breathing, worse on motion; the patient

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)bn produced by cantharides will commonly heal in a

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ered with Cercocarpus parvifoliuSy Rhus tridentata, Amel-

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records cases of paraplegia in which no morbid lesions could be

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only 80 degrees with the forearm. When the elbow is flexed

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also for the statements of patients that they had found their

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B. C. BUFFUM, M. S., - Agriculturist and Horticulturist

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