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after which, she vomited a small quantity of blood.
febrax supositorios infantil
officer of health for the city, and Dr Watt, the metlical officer of
febrex indication
telligent breeders of Kentucky it is not uncommon for a gentle-
febrex af drops
Sarcomata in the kidney are not at all uncommon, occurring as
what is febrex used for
febrex plus india
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medicine febrex plus
febrex plus effects
febrax suspension infantil
formed during the course of the reaction at the time t. K is the equi-
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and this should be emphasized in view of considerable kidney changes
febrex 250
Development and Present Status of City Planning in New York City",
febrex plus tablet contents
hundred grains of bromide of sodium, or 1-100 grain
syp febrex plus ds
tuberculosis find their ways from them to us. By conforming
febrex plus safe during breastfeeding
in the intervals of micturition. The pain, however, is principally
febrex contents
and free from the constituents of the saliva, and in which its composition has
febrex plus 60ml
received some years since from an intelligent traveller
febrex plus 500
febrex plus for fever
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until ships are forbidden to carry dogs. The public safe-
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tissue lying between the muscular bed and the capsule; this
paracetamol syrup ip febrex
of the ^Medical School. At the Medi<'al School we de-
febrex plus syrup used for
headache is occipital, showing that the disease is located at
febrex plus in lactation
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struction, we daringly step up and administer a cathartic of
action of febrex plus
amination of the vagina disclosed nothing definite. An intra-
febrax tabletas para que sirve
other cases the plan has totally failed. Equally, amputation and
febrax tabletas
The meeting is and should be a sort of post-graduate course of instruction for
febrex tab
ing v 480 Colored Figures and Diagrams. Divided into Vertebrata and Inverte-
febrex tablets
use of febrex plus tablets
febrex antibiotic
We also are familiar with the fact that the body may be so shocked
febrex medicamento
of the extremities; injuries of the testicle are apt to be attended with
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trochanter, was made down to the bone, dividing the periosteum. The soft
febrex notice
had a light primrose colour, and a faint urinous odour ; it just per-
febrex plus for what
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que es fabrics
febrex plus during breastfeeding
cusis Willisii. We are told in text-books that medicaments intro-
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stance below the epidermis or, of course, of 'subse-
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what is febrex tablets
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ing, and in some cases there may be almost amphoric breathing. Vocal
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some time must pass (the incubational or colonization period) before
febrex plus syrup side effects
generic name of febrex plus

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