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pfenning cabbage-leaf cigar.) "Tell me," says the professor

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school's entire financial structure and to expand its

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an infection of one of the accessory sinuses is the cause of the

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is negative, but when the disease has become systemic and in pneumonic

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half to two pounds of parchment-clippings in water by long

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present of no practical importance. When old cultures from

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collected by Dr. Vasey I am unable to say, but subsequently it re-

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Some changes and additions to the committees appointed by

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cer of the gall bladder, or from the transferrence of this in-

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This is a disease of the skin, accompanied by a terribly annoy-

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is his fourth case in which he has noted the enlarge-

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the days of the true physician may be happier in the knowledge of

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ting either to their growth, or their maintenance. Thus

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This was defined thus : When a cholera epidemic approached a district in

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dicate the mode of proceeding, to get a proper display of the object in-

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Ellen Jones, set. 27, admitted into Charity Ward on Wed-

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some part of the body into which organisms had gained an entry.

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We found the lady suffering extremely. She described the pain as

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easun of its power of entering into a firm combination with Albumen,

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of early delivery came into serious consideration. The patient

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combination of shoulder-brace and spine-supporting corset, and

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* Read before the Boston Society for Medical Observation, October 3d, 1659, and

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Receipts from January 16, 1885, to January 2, 1888, as

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who carelessly or designedly shorten the children's sleep

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during the last three years have shown that adulteration

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mia ; that, although death from septic causes is com-

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Association that, as far as possible, the party should travel to-

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patients at their homes, and during the same period 25 visit*

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ysis lasting over 2 to 7 days with a maximum nitrogen elimination

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erated epithelium. Two substances are used in preparing the

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only be that this solution never reaches the embryo as long as it is

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them. The quantity of agglutinins begin to increase thirty to

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individual cases, but iodine has been most generally em-

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winckel, Canon, and Weibgen appear in the report of Ehrlich, Kossel, and

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