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other name will do in his State. The term Botanic alone is only a by-
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upon repeated occasions, until iinally the patient would fall a
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the disease modified, by complications and the intercurrence of
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an alcohol lamp until all septic material has been in-
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says that the first cases, as a rule, occur among children. The ages at death
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ready and precise crystallization of ideas from a complex
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spine. Illustrated with plates and wood cuts. By Liojstel J. Beale, Surgeon.
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the false impression that had been made on the public
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where vision is entirely abolished, he preferred extirpation of the globe to
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First, the fetal, corresponding to the last seven months of the
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training understands her need and can do something to help her
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What does this first manipulation determine? It determines
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to remedy the existing functional deficiency. One evidence of the
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the church or from old religious traditions belonging
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locally limited to affect the atmosphere to any extent, or too indifferent in themselves to
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diverse kinds of food as to their chemical composition, as well
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belong dull pains in the region of the loins. Occasionally per-
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her genitals with the oil of anniseed and spikenard. Trochicks
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decomposing water and liberating oxygen, as eledriciiy or chlorine.
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attention. Under ordinary circumstances, very considerable delay is caused by
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treatment by the use of chlorid of ammonium one grain with
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any attempt to speak ; they were accompanied by the mental
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White, J. Renfrew. Chronic Traumatic Osteomyelitis . (H. K. Lewis & Co. , Ltd.) 12s. 6d.
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of its small quantity, is of no importance to the patient, and
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what he learns from companions, and everything good, bad
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has its nocturnal sleep ; that it can exhibit evidence of fatigue, which can be
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port. This applies to regular posts and recruiting stations only.
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to twenty-three per cent of cases reflex causes were noted which inter-
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bei den S&ugetieren. Ibid. Bd. 8, Erg&nzungshef t.
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bladder tliis convulsive action occurs at the close of urina-
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illustration of the fact that the Roman slingers used leaden bullets in their
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The debentures issued May. 1851, amounted to $203.87$
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gency Hospital, where it occurred, and is reported by
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Mr. Smith made a very free incision above, and internal to,
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Hippocampal sclerosis indicates shrinkage and induration of
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by operation we reduced his already slight chances of recover^'. The
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Profound anesthesia certainly abolishes many of the reflexes in which
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from the sor&oe of the new growth by ulceration, the ulcer-
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the subnitrate of bismuth, of each one ounce ; magnesium
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clothing or some of the man's accoutrements for the purpose ; and
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William II. Cogswell, M.D., ofPlainfield, President.
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The treasurer read aloud the names of members delin-

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