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Second Operation. — March 24, 1890. Having been prepared for

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we sent onhj to those who remitted for the year previous

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40a. Cast of the Eight Side of a Man's Chest, showing a dislocation of

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fossae; canal extending from the lachrymal sac to the

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caring for the early stages of mental disease, and many

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together there can be no doubt. But that the spasmodic stricture

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city ; Jerusalem Chapter, R. A. M. ; Arcanum Lodge, I. O. O. F. ;

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Minnesota, wishes to sublet portion of office space,

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the ccecum ; that will suggest that this acid has scnne

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Insanity, 1888. — Twentieth Century Practice of Medicine, vol. xi. p. 811. Ophthalmic

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symptoms analogous to that of pyaemia when otherwise derived.

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shortening increases in the older cases, and after subsidence of

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mental delivery is more difficult and dangerous to both mother and

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