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like other boys of his age. He likes school and is in the

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A Guide to Therapeutics and Materia Medica. By Robert

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less contracted. The pain in finger, cervical ganglia, stiffness of

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sion in carbolic oil (1 to 20). In order to secure satisfactory

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moderate the coldness of the brain, it is made ot that flesh

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l-arginine veromax and l-lysine

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were introduced instead of the organ which nature provided. But all this

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Some day, the patient will fail to return and the first thing you know

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able to show that absorption of amino-acids from the intestine is

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of time the science of medicine has progressed so rapidly as to

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whichever of the causes which have been detailed, the malady

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a worn and blunted surface at each corner, and a sharp

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subacute conjunctivitis caused by the diplobacillus M

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event of it not doing so, the sewer gas escapes through the

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is removed they will not yield the length <; regular, yet sometimes disorder prevails;

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0.000,005 N (P H = 5.3), or five times the normal value. A certain de-

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Washington — C. H. Schultz, W. E. Robertson, E. D. Ken-

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stance purine, which although in itself of no importance is interesting,

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subject of adenia — its etiology. Struck by the general affection of

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for its employment, may well be used in fixed hospitals ; but in

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of the histology of tubercle. But for the present I think it

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From years of close association one feels that he knows a

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and capillaries for their contents. Under these circumstances

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at tlie University of Virginia many years since. The

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pus and cervix but not in the muscular tissue. The symptoms of metritis,

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found a very jagged wound implicating the cornea and sclerotic at

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without any degree of this operation. I have superintended ex-

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death immediately, and it is proper to anticipate and pro-

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■when the arterioles are relaxed, the cardiac current

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agricultural, viz., Cumberland and Westmoreland, Wilts, Worcester, Somerset,

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