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work; the sponge should be used with a firm wiping movement in

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stricture of the pylorus without any marked digestive

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tinplate works — and such poisonous seeds as castor and

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fractures — the chief difference being in the fracture of the

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but on the other hand may go on to encephalitis, meningitis, or to more

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bitten, whether or not he has been fed on meat that has been

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cartilage, or even bone, a part, or the whole, undergoing this change.

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Jfesohed^ That this Aaeodation deems It a dntj to instltnto metsoret

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enough to bear it, half baths also. In this case one or

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that there was nothing abnormal in the respiratory functions. It

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the rest of the week to allow the ordinary diabetic diet.

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pleteness Avhen each observation as made is dictated to a bystamler.

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Assistant Surgeon to the Manchester Royal Infirmary and Surgeon to the

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remain at the present day, so far as pathology and treatment is

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such familiarity with authors, should deny this. Dr. Brown

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whether as orthopaedic surgeons, masseurs, or re-eductors, it will prove


•6192 Walley, T. The four bovine scourges. Edin. 1879.

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external muscles of the eye which are innervated by

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twenty-four hours' output) was incubated at body temperature,

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size, and finally the farmer comes to the conclusion that

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*• Salt Sages " (species of Atriplex), and alfalfa under cer-

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fbmetimes exceeds the fpace afligned by the emperor

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"There is however one feature of fundamental importance which is never

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lasted sixty-five minutes, during which time 1900 C. of normal salt

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words, duration of labor alone is not sufficient to base the use

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itself, again giving signs and symptoms practically indistinguishable from

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Critnea, (Blue Book,) vol. ii., p. 256: '-Shortly to recapitulate, the 'shock,'

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tion neurons and proceed down the ganglion chain to terminate by

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with poor sanitary arrangements was unduly large, and Alice Hamilton

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public health therefrom. At the last meeting of the British

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not regain normal respiratory function and rid themselves of their

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blunt dissector down under the temporal lobe. If the effusion is

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danger the life of the patient On the other hand, radical surgical

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