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not materially dilated or hypertrophied. The majority of text-
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Glycosuria in Chronic Intestinal Stasis. By Alfred C. .Tordan, M.D. ... H7
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secretion, or total suppression, of urine, with desire to micturate
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It has always been regarded as improper also, for the sake of
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hemorrhages are common on the surface. On slitting the capsule the
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even from Buhl's standjioint, I cannot understand why he should deny the possi-
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ond, speed ; third, security ; fourth, that after the opera-
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abolished ; nature is the guide, and her operations must
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ing of the tissues with hands, sponges, or instruments: the service portion of the
patients came into my office when a teacher of voice
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these cases as genuine illustrations of an established fact ;
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sinapisms, &c, 'as the case required. Under this treatment it was found
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sion was more marked ; the fluid sounds accompanying the car-
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noticeable before life is extinct. As in typhus fever, this condition
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siness habits j and this without any display ; for his quiet and
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Mr. B , aged twenty-one, had lately returned from the
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ache alone there are 3,788 cases roistered ; and as this affection, in de-
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was also present in this case something which I have not met before ; after
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to be used, it is unstrapped and swung into a vertical position, when its

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