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keep him from treading on it. Open the stall-door and

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without the other half being insufficient to accomplish its physi-

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operation on the system than those of potash. If, moreover, the

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cell body. It sometimes is so numerous as to pack the leukocyte and in other

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marvellousness should be too sudden and overpowering for the endurance

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were puckering, adhesions, and some old calcified masses, almost

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Brandon, North Bay; Dr. E. B. Oliver, Fori; William.

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remain upon the smear for five to thirty seconds; The smear

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another chain to the floor, if uncarpeted, or to the gas-pipe, and

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pleuro-pneumonia, are capable, of producing contagious

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the abdominal wound closed with deep silver and superficial silk

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to be its main source) is confined to a comparatively

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of you who are familiar with the subject that such is not the case.

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blood. But again, the more recent and trustworthy investigations

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contraction of its cicatrix, a second rupture occurred into the peri-

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practice or, at least, the principles of arterial deliga-

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glandular or of deep-seated parts, blisters may either hasten the

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of the intra-peritoneal treatment of the ovarian pedicle ;

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cases of chronic pyelitis under my care at the City

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The sacs of the uterus corresponding to these embryos are greatly distended

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Fig. 2 Transverse section of mesencephalon through anterior corpora quad-

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therapeutics, surgical pathology, bandaging and clinical

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good recovery, and is still living and in good health,

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Sec 2. — In consultations no rivalship or jealousy should be indulged; can-

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lowest level of poverty and despair, it takes great time and

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Reynolds, E. A case of difficult labor, 329, 331; case of placenta

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digestion and absorption, but in large amounts interfere with

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same number of cups of coffee, and the effect upon their sleep can be

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that may commonly happen to women in the child-bearing period.

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annual meeting at Albany, N. Y., January 28, 1902, lasting for

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against prosperity, such as patients who cannot pay, patients

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