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in Speyer. — 45. Galassi. Bolletino delta soeietd, Lancisiano dell' ospital di Boma,

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cavity. Although there is some danger of injury to nervous tissues by

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muscular fibre of the sphincter of the pupil, and perhaps also

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patients. 2 We report herein the first successful human com-

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even the edible mushroom may cause a similar result, for

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the Government. I mention these details to show that the

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editor. 2 vols., 1643 pages. Illus. Price $30.00, cloth. St.

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There cannot be the remotest doubt that the charac-

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rate. The mortality of such accidents in children is

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their immediate adoption. Owing to the demands of the different

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For many reasons, at this stage of training, it is most

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8. Employment of Fumigants. — These are most commonly

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In comparison with internal diseases alone, it comprises in Ger-

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in large doses a destructive effect upon the tubercle bacilli under subsidence of the fever,

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* My best thanks are due to Dr. J. B. Green, F.E.S., for notes and

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digested by the proteolytic action of the bacilli. Outside the central zone no ba-

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feebled. Milk, eggs, chocolate, and broths form the most suitable

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took place as follows : — i died of second perforation 21 months

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was kept in bed. The temperature remained subnormal until the

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took place in kidneys primarily affected by disturbance limited to the tubes —

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food. Repeated local bleedings are very rarely salutary, and they should never


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between the straight and convoluted divisions of the urinary

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from the collapse occasioned by either the extent or seve-

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Unless the eye be covered, the horse will be likely to flinch at the

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, : Gazz. med. di Torino, 1891, LXII (Fasc. 15), 1-4; 337-346; 745-751.

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11. Macintosh PK, Thomson KR, Barbaric ZL: Percutaneous

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the wall. He then groped his way back to bed again under some guidance.

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encephalon and cerebellum, and the following are the results.

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lial cells, so that one could follow the transition from one to the

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been detected in epilepsy, rickets, and after death during some of

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191 5) the dressing aims to secure at once the position of the Esmarch,

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