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would expect after the expulsion of so Enormous a mass of
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sue. The process, as a whole, apjjcars to Ix; an old
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and tied. The patient is then told to take short breaths. He will
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which occurred June 10, 1909. Every spring thereafter to 1914, inclusive, she
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together with the usual absence of haemorrhage from such wounds,
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by care, there have already been reported severe after-effects,
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Jay Webber Seaver of New Haven, by Charles J. Bartlett of
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often into Sf typical arrangement of ascending and descending
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In those cases which from the severity of the attack, or from failure of
that lupus may reappear after an apparently satisfactory cure of
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used for packing meat, would meat be contaminated ? " ■
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and sassafras mixed in equal proportions; when cool enough
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Banks, C. E., surgeon. Upon expiration of leave of absence
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while completing studies to qualify for the public health
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but with very patient and painstaking inquiry, it is often
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grown rapidly, and have a long, narrow chest, thin skin, slight
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Eggstein and I" have discussed this possibility in detail in its relation
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Philadelphia General Hospital, and Eaglesmere Sanatorium.
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the dose was raised to ten grains twice daily and three days
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sins, meme apres que le chorion a ete detruit par HC1, ou au moins
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of tea. In the former case, the symptoms mentioned,
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gout — including in one case a visit to Aix-les-Bains and other European
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followed. I believe, as stated, that the entire management is summed
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simple iodine and the ioduret or hydriodate of potassium; the other,
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Bright's disease, etc., which have been regarded as predisposing causes of
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years. Dr. O'Carroll considered the movements in the
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trainer. The apparatus used upon this occasion is a
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found the brain of an idiot boy, 18 years old, who died at Earls-
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mental undulations of comparative well- and ill-being which
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