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of the freedom of the individual. No individual in a democracy can
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If there be not a healthy heart muscle, but if granular,
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The information which follows has been excerpted from avail-
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gated and filled with borated gauze and dressed daily for two
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out; but any gridiron will do if it is clean. The outside of a
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fessional interest are solicited. The editors are not responsible for the views of contributors.
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and given full honor to Nature's own tendencies towards recovery, and
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good effect, for several weeks. When the weather was suitable,, the child
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ray and an obstruction x-ray series of the abdomen were
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has stood the storm and stress of several months. Its wooden
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that we should not bear unjust criticism for failure to
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Fig. 196. — Shoe to Prevent Stumbling. The whole of the toe is removed,
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pressure diminishes, and the density produced by the cold pre-
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of the same name became insane about the same age, and they
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Warren, Worcester (1742), 3889— Bixby, J. P. (West); Hastings, J. W.
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surface of foreign bodies or in other ways. Injuries from Ume deserve special

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