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curs in the adult it is from an accumulation of serum in the lateral ventri-

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the prognosis can be made with a high degree of con-

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resented as having been a Christian Scientist of the

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of herrings. This is then saturated with hydrochloric acid, evaporated

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fads, which, fortunately for the public, have not se-

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and (6) the correction of vascular stasis in the extremities. The

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while the pungency of their satire was not inferior to that of Peter

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in the reticular material between the blood-vessel and the

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knpum aniQiic us, thet'e bdc bein^ any witmn ten miles.

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titled " The Wicked not Annihilated," being a refutation of Modern Sad-

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suits on the functions of life and the organic tissue; when we

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puts off the healing at Michaelmas next, ^^ the infection

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oil, in scrofula, I avail myself of this opportunity of corroborating the

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standard of living in terms of all the factors which make up a


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I am astonished that in this long letter I have mentioned so

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Doctor, when you have a Horse or Dog suffering from

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to streptococci has already been stated. Woods has reported two cases of

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surex geyeri, Boott. Trans. Linn. Soc. xx, 118 (1846).

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consumption, renal, testicular, and other forms of tubercle, l)ecame

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narian is in doubt regarding the diagnosis, the animals are tested

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in acute or chronic phthisis, the foundation of the change was tubercle.

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sandalwood administered in ten-minim doses every four hours.

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is found that compression will not only quickly cure incipient inflammations, but even when

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Dr. H. Kennedy mentioned two cases of poisoning by carbonic oxide which

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removal to a public lazaretto is a great desideratum in

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air for any length of time during an operation. After operations,

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to become an adept in kindling a coal-fire. First, know that hard coal will not

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for seventeen varieties is eighteen and one-half per cent,

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