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Canada stands pre-eminently alone as being an example of almost

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and OIK! died of convulsions on the second dav. One

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of the different epidemics. 2d, the manifestation of the disease in many

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to resort to an operation for relief, for notwithstand-

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terior of the cord, in the shape of two crescentic masses ; each

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in order that complete control may be regained over them the

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growth and development of the frog. Anat. Rec, vol. 11, October,

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much to secure their observation. Unlike criminal laws»

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over-distended by blood-clots for about three feet,

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tinuance of granting licenses by the Connecticut Medical Society,

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contractures are due to the irritation, of which the

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have scouted the idea, opposing manufacturers have ridiculed,

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Her pregnancy took place at the age of thirty-two, and immediately

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riage was almost, if not quite universal; and the same evil might occur

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tea made of the dry herb; or prepared in powder nke

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rather than urban, towns and cities are dependent on the

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In the sections from the upper dorsal cord a short distance below the

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diminished. The diminution of the tumors which took place in four other

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erminated in the given time and the per cents of seeds

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cing with batch 300, it will please the most delicate palate

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Variations of from 60,000 to 240,000 diastase unifs were found. He

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heritage intended for man; we know that the " simple life "

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of meeting, at leas) one daj before the sitting of the Convention.

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Grisolle, who has given as an explanation satisfactory to himself, the very obvious

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hospitals previous to the introduction of Lister's antiseptic method

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ced against large additions to a curriculum already disproportionate to

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diseases, and to various affections of the face. Un-

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mistaken for a tumor of the posterior wall of the uterus. It is, how-

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a left-handed man a case of atrophy and sclerosis of the first and second

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hope soon to hear of their complete abolition, as they have been a grave cause of

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a sense of suffocation, and for several days he had pain and

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work, extending over considerable periods of time and

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the discrepancy results from an unknown unknown— we have

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