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among the whites ; and the mean of ages in this race is
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new method of cure, without being terrified by the many phantoms .that have been conjured
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uterine abortion. Both cases (detachment of the uterine or tubal
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to try to correlate the results of that study with the find-
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you must explore the canal with instruments, as no treatment will
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the more appropriate medicines cannot be had at once, should
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Tested without reaction October, 1907 ; September, 1908.
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eign trade. The comparative prices and the volume of foreign and
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factors, all subcutaneous injections are painful by reason of the local
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which pointed either to abscess of the lungs or an empyema
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hence is not only an eye-sore, but a serious defect, and, if accom-
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nicotine, to tell exactly in which of them the fiber finds its effector
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Wells, William L., New Rochelle, Westchester Co. Original.
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end bulbs typical of regenerating fibers were not seen. These
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upon which was an attack of influenza, and after a change in environ-
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and seven cases of epilepsy. Headache, gastric disturbance, disturbance of
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he impliedly contracts with his clients that he possesses the necessary
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Waserdampf beim Menschen. Arch. f. Hyg., 1896, 26, 32; Ueber die Kohl-
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phthisis of adults resembles a second infection produced experi-
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With regard to the necessity of iiospitals for large
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should govern in our relations to each other, our pa-
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I would suggest that a meeting of the physicians of this
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the first step was to apply his method to the urine in
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quantity of urine and the amount of solids being less than when the
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Killing P'rosts.- — Laramie, June 6 and Aug. 16; Lan-
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good syrup of the pyrophosphate of iron and calisaya
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burning sensation at its upper limit ; while the passage of a piece
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and consequently smaller. The invaginating finger is then forced
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is due to long-standing obstruction in the passages. This has been sometimes
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inserting a seton six inches long from the brisket upward,
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point. Admitting all that Mr. Noyes says of them, I must reply that
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