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iron tube, ten inches long, which ends in a screw, and hides within
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in the head of the first metatarsal bone of the right foot.
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culosis of the lungs as it occurs iu man, there is the older lesion at the
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some fallacy in the conclusions which we have drawn from our experiments
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unpatriotic conduct. We are told that " in January, last, there were
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kinesis. The patient was transferred to Stanford Univer-
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in the New York Medical Record, Vol 34., This paper was
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infections six layers should be employed. Masks will not
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complained to me of her inability to walk without pain
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regard the oppression as evidence that the digestion is
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pletion of labor it is always attended by danger. (J need not vuist upon the
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very nervous persons, in great eaters, and in old people, is chiefly
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I have thus far tried, made by some of our best-known
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the taking of the sugar is not always exactly proportionate to the dose em-
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observations of Surgeon-Major Eoss, on the development of the
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had taken place, and continued to recur during the night.
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mortis. I, however, proposed cauterization with the probang ; the phy-
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physical defect, and explicit directions concerning every detail of the
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Andoyer, Essex (1643), 5169 — Holt, C. A. (and Boston); Pennington,
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periods ; they consist of severe pain in the renal region, coming
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the guinea-pig, kept under hygienic conditions, serve as excellent and
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walls, but when an Open- FlG 4I _ The Larynx, Trachea, Right and Left Bron-
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the want. Hence the philosopher who uses his brain-power iu
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ammonia acetatis with excess of ammonia, and withdrew the
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worthy of publication, it is sadly true that many who fill
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if it be caused by a jagged projectile such as a fragment of shell,
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copoeia the physician gets from his text-books and dispensatories.
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was afebrile and alert without nuchal rigidity or other signs of
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grow out of proportion to the level of morbidity actually
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nosis ; though practically indispensable, it is inadequate
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Ho^ju comes it that ^vaomen ivith child ha've an inordifiafe de--
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freshness and unimpaired strength by any, as yet, too close and
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cavity. The coils of intestine were much distended and
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The advantage of the simpler operation lies in the fact that it
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Tables III and IV might very properly be denominated
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finished. The operating nurse assists the surgeon, the orderly brings
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Gesellschaft fiir Kinderheilkunde was commenced in Germany in
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ter master, paymaster, and had authority to sign the name
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the neck three times. The neck was so constricted that it was not
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risy ; he read extensively and formed his own opinion upon
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There is a healthy dissatisfaction which continually motivates us all

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