Yamaha V Max 9.9

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parative hypnotic merits of paraldehyde and sulphonal.

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Formerly the view was entertained that abscess in the pharynx

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which occur without epiphysial enlargement. Such cases he

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A. \. Burgeon U. B. Army: Member oi the Bt. John's Ambu-

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live exclusively in the air, the blood furnishing the secretion of bile,

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antiblastic properties of antipneumococcus serum. A few experi-

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support to fight the dangers of quacks and self -treatment.

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rigiditj of the neck and back muscles, and the transi-

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researches out of which their successors have evolved

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very' helpful to those interested in the, detail of tuberculosis climes.

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the gravity of the injury and the degree of shock ; and, secondly, upon

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enlarged by means of a Rongier forceps. There was some evidence

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final subjects. The chief additional alteration in the curriculum is the

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and the finger felt as if it could pass right in between tibia and

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cardial effusions were present on an M-mode echocardio-

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A very convenient visiting list, handsomely bound in leather and

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the brachial plexus. In this case the pain on the contrary is superficial, and

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From the discussion which followed the reading of Dr. Craig's paper, it would

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by various accidents ; that cutaneous eruptions near the labia many

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' vrhich he exerted upon the medical mind of this country by the gratitude we ourselves

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Sarcomata in the kidney are not at all uncommon, occurring as

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