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In some cases a little mucus has been observed, but it is never present in

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had lobar pneumonia. The sputum contained the Diplo-

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Fee— Attending Physicians, Nurses $50; House Officers, Fellows, Medical Students $10.

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(cartilage), known as the lateral cartilage. The round,

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or, as is more frequently the case, it is drawn in, and

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(C), the sounds return to normal although the second pulmonic often

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possibility of cellulitis as a complication. In these pa-

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fixed; the important feature is the accumulation of multiple

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of form, even though the bullet fitted the bore, the force would be

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portion, is piety weak, watery, empty. As observant men grow old,

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pens that the same article will produce these three different

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ported in favor of their admission, which report was accepted.

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anthrax cultures which has many points of similarity to snake poison and called

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of recorded cases of multiple aneurysmal disease will be found, I

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ning the discharges are bile-stained, but later they become colorless and

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period by irrigations and rest in bed. At the end of three or four months

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a part of the point of the cone. The base of the cone was out

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tlien raising the intervening piece at the top and completing the section

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Leonard JJ, Reeves TJ: Report of the ad hoc committee on

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(Fig. 3, two-thirds of the actual size), is the result of

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A friend of ours made a purchase of some kegs of merchan-

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Whittingham, Windham (1780), 1240 — Stafford, F. D.

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kidney weighed fifty pounds, and Percival mentions a case in

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that has ever performed an easy turning by external mani-

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