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summer from Arizona, New Mexico, and other high elevations to the low eleva-

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says that we must make a stand against old age and its

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of headache every month or two; in the early part of

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distinct dulness on percussion at the summit on the lefl side ; the respi-

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occurred on the patient assuming the erect position. It was found to be

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own Laboratory. Not only is the system a satisfactory one, but the

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and offal generally ; all these should be placed in air-tight

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(hitherto been practicable. Forty years ago the ]\Iedical Council

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of the bladder throws off large quantities of mucus and the urine undergoes

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On Sudden Death in Infants. — Dr. P. Grawitz, of Greifs-

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Those least informed in regard to Social Service movements

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the study of vital statistics for the year 1917, already given, and

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growth of tubercle bacilli. !Maffucci has found that tubercle bacilli inocu-

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caution when cutting the rope so that the body does

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and if necessary, tonics, such as cod-liver oil, arsenic, iron, and

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upon a written application, signed by not less than three sheep owners, the district

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There has been much discussion upon the question as arising here, and

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as he suffered from it for thirty-four years, says that " it kills more

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taken just before rising, again at 3.30 or 4 p. m., and at 8 p. m.,

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acquaintance with philosophic thought, to afford a training

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