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Slst March. — Wound quite superficial, but depresned.

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perience on the part of the officials in managing such

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having seen a case of the chronic form in the clinique of

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to select always the very best in size, shape and general

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in the preparation of expectorants and cough remedies. The price paid for use in eastern

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Remittances should be made by money-order, draft or registered

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sulphate of zinc, two gi'ains to the ounce, used in

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and continues to improve until the part has nearly recovered all

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its several parts as above named, yet as a group, and in respect to

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bowels and is at the same time a source of infection for other

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satisfactory method of operating in the majority of these cases.

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veterinary surgeon and must perform the duties hereinafter prescribed.

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Mr. Charles Darwin wrote me a note asking if it were

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6. The hands of the obstetrician should always be soft and

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dilatation did not travel out of the spinal cord, there was not

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882-5178 to obtain a media kit. WJM reserves the right to reject any

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best educated young men bear their full share in war's

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doses sufficient to destroy the parasites. The time of administration in

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we of course look to the structures which have suffered. The brain

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days died in collapse. The autopsy confirmed the diag-

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Rock and Rye will soon be found in every household where consumption or lung diseases abide.

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Twenty -five leeches were applied to the hypo-gastrium,

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morals, so medicine, we should never make the liver the scapegoat

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book presented by a physician as a claim against an estate dis-

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