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by firm pressure straighten the semi-flexed leg, and keep it in
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by ballot, without any trouble, to preside over the deliberations of
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space to prevent crowding or misconstruction. When sufficient space is
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accustomed to drink excessively. For several weeks past she has
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also read the Hippocratie treatises on air, water, and
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year ; the latter, by getting her first insight into the mag-
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by years of friendship that to be near his intimate
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are now the three short years of the past. The seemingly
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friendship and show a streak of the square deal. There is no man
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sistence on the most absolute cleanliness of the sur-
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" his temporibus pestilentiae ignis super Lemo^acines exarsit : corpora
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the great prostration, and iron with bark or quinine in as heavy doses as the
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respecting the relation of pathology to moi'bid anatomy,
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month; for the earlier it is done, the better use the child will have of
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1 1 has e\er been the enlightened usage of civilized lite, a- it is the
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before there is any disorganization of the longs or suppuration of the
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-34904 Maschka, J. Sammlung gerichtsarztlicher Gutachten
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proteids furnish to the blood when they break down is balanced by the amount
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with definite days for slaughtering ; the knacker's work is
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Once the culture is obtained, it becomes standard care to
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and Otherwise", and by Dr. A. G. Nicholls, Director of the Laboratories,
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mixed with water or fruit juice, mid-morning and mid-afternoon.
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Jarvis, John F., Assistant Surgeon. — Ordered to the Receiv-
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the normal blood-supply of the pharynx. The pharynx

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