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prolapse of the womb comes up. If you will read the proceedings
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of the trabeculse is not of a doubtful character : in the lamellae which
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come with the head first ; but those that have thus written,
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tions. In September, 1898, he developed typhoid fe-
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By an act of the Legislature in 1870, the Trustees were
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do produce a visible vibration of the mass which transmits them ;
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restored her gradually to convalescence, and ultimately to
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use. 2. In the greatest majority of cases it is suflBcient to produce the
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ling, wants to kiss everj r body, epstaxis (or nose
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resting cell is an organically damaged cell, shrunken, deficient
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are the white tubercle nodules on any cut surface. They are
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latus and Astragalus sericoleucus. Among the rocks in
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rests" in the bone-marrow, and if the bones are traumatized they
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new method of cure, without being terrified by the many phantoms .that have been conjured
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lowing amount: 10 percent for a week or fraction of
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of the patient's head and draw it against operator's
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the opening ; only in tough cajjsules it is an obsta-
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bronchitis, broncho-pneumonia, or pleurisy are common sequelae of burns,
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conduce to a more complete record of births. I am very
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Dr. McDonald administered ether and I tried ineffect-
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outside of the stump itself. The antagonistic powers necessary to
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the mediation of the nerves, in other parts: this is sympathy. The
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oppofite to that in ufe among the Indians ; and has
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afterwai'ds assumed, and there are some reasons for believing
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emotion, till the animal, at length, finding this mode of defense
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crystallized carbonate of soda." The acid of commerce
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" The parts removed from the pelvis, and consisting of the
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ance. He says we must keep our patients quiet, in order that
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Nova Scotia, November 26, 1850. He graduated in 187,2,
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native home of the lung plague, has at last awoke to the
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College of Radiology to develop a uniform set of recom-
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grains per minute, 72,000 grains per honr and 1,728,000
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masses of cysts, and due to the development of hydatids of the
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ally made in duplicate to avoid error, and were kept

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