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difficulty in falling asleep, frequent nocturnal awakenings,
thuc pham chuc nang vp-rx
In less than half an hour evidences of improvement were manifested,
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with the occurrence of the lesion, since they have been repeatedly
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most prominent part there was a small area of bluish discoloration. Operation :
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readily be imprisoned between the uterine stump and the brim of the pelvis.
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Observations on The Brains of Men and Animals infected with various
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to be an apoplectic cyst, Avhile Marie interprets it merely as senile
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ciently raised. The location of this weakest spot is of interest.
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and the tumor before discovered was found to be a sac lined with mucous
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to patholc^cal conditions, that does not at the same time
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opium for its relief. Currie proved the use of cold affusion
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Geo. J. Gladman, Lindsay, O. F. J. Seery, Fredericton, N.B.
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'' that when an infant had hair like other children, but when 4 or 5
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many other fields of activity. He was a member of the
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in all cases to discover them, or to tell why they produce so
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treat the case bloodlessly by forcible redressment under ether,
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and the Colonies interested in science, and the various industries which
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suggestion by Dr. Andrew Duncan, who had been greatly impressed by the
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Diploma shall be presented to the Probate Clerk of said county, who shaU
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Society, and find means to carry "a a law-suit from the State
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Tait speedily outstripped all in his daring and ability, more
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ond, speed ; third, security ; fourth, that after the opera-
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* The priests, in some parts of Italy, still hold their medical influence.
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malleolus and the inner tuberosity of the os calcis. Divide the fascia
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vigour in the action of the heart and arteries, in consequence of which
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more aggravated, and favors the development of internal complications. The
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On physical examination the patient was thin, disheveled,
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even perhaps entirely wanting, in its normal physiological pro-
races possessing different degrees of pathogenic power. Former
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The great point the authors strain over is the last point.
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and ordinary tabes there can be little risk of confusion. But there
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* Case 7.-:— John C, aged 61, watchman. Admitted Feb. 8, 1916; transferred

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