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Gouley, Dr. E. S. F. xirnold, and Dr. Austin Flint, of the same place, Fel-

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passage of the digested matter iDKards, even in opposition to

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method of applying heat was available, and it is an extenu-

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duced at some distant part of the circulation. When apo-

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“What Makes Women Nervous?” The principal speaker

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vent below. When it does not break out at the coronet, it will

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(iii.) Muscular atrophy attended by paralysis is present in more than

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development of fat which takes place with the disease ; so that the

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press, and filter. Anodyne and sedative in neuralgia,

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treatment was directed chiefly to the bladder, and the

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like the New^ York Hospital, or like the new Presbyterian Hospital in

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Acute endocarditis therefore is much more common over thirty years of

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This apparent suspension of public health activities was in a large

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mental undulations of comparative well- and ill-being which

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nerves unite without much interlacement into an upper

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receiving' his bill, they are the only ones that can

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and valcrianated elixir of ammonia through the day ; to use light

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she didn't want to move about, and that she complained of pain

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by the central government. The most striking results have been obtained

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and vacant, pupils dilated ; several dark and offensive

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other peculiarities of the urine excreted during chronic inflam-

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in part: "With Dr. William M. Sweet I have lost one of my best

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taken up by the others in the stable. AVhere the nature of the

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Now, if it can be made to appear that disease consists, in its

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lengths, and it in its turn is absorbed, so that ultimately all that

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