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reduction is necessary. Kirschner wire fixation has been

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present for your examination this young man who on the

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The British Pharmacopceia. Sir Under the head of Scam

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parent. The postmoiteni findings in each case disclosed that

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with that for Fever A. A. every three or four hours

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almost identical with that seen amongst the foreign horses

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Sertimtherapy of Dysentery. Immunization of Horses against

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resonance in this place was unaccompanied by any change in the percus

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distinctly circumscribed and softish papules from the

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it was not possible with either patient to make the daily intake

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principles in accordance with reason without having

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Indicated in Typhoid and other slow fevers. Invaluable in Tuberculosis Bronchitis

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of cases. The heart s action especially is not so widely diffused. The

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recently described hysterical affections of the visual

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who only complain of a slight catarrhal affection and we sometimes meet

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as for example the rose alternate layers of lard and

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factorily proved to exist in the organism after a dose of alcohol has

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blood was lost. The general condition of the patient

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and mercury poisoning and particularly to children

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means of an artificial pupil. He uses a knife in preference to

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taken the latter view. And so in other cases we have taken what

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veraatiun is now very incoherent. She has a high temneratura

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much of the blind struggle against mysterious agencies of disease and

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clinical point of view such as modified movements modified sensations

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symptoms and mostly of aching at night. Examination of her teeth nose

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vember iS i I saw at the London Hospital a woman aged who

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the course of study specified in the regulations may at the expiration

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ring as they did in men long past sixty. I have seen

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bath which having a temperature ten degrees higher pro

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