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fee with the Dean of the Faculty one month before the
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would have made them relatively strong. Like many living sea-
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stimulation of the liver. The good old dame is then pestered to
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16. Levy RM, Russel E, Yungbluth M, et al: The efficacy of image-guided ste-
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were shrunken, but the head was unusually hot. I prescribed the fol-
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nue, Boston. Office hours, 9 to 10 a.m., and 2 to 4 p.m.
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by the way, were performed last summer (1889), and as he appears to imply
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Our experiments v/ere carried on with two types of gelatin salts,
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from rectal injection of two pints of salt solution {^^ of 1 per cent. ; in a recur-
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cent.; when edema occurs with nephritis, then the specific gravity may fall to
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impartial sketch of the lives of the various members of the class, and if
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in the animal body. He illustrates this by typhoid fever. The
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When a tonic was employed, it consisted of sulphate of quinine, combined with
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Infusion of Chiretta. — Chiretta, 3 drachms, cold water,
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house is surrounded, the soil under the building is
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for death occurring at such a comparatively early age. Well,
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that the consumer is invited to Pasteurize his milk ; or in
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securing a better lining for the fistula and diminishing its tendency to
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derived from any form of diseased udder is one entirely for
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and as much serum, were found in the left pleura. The question of differential
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ministered both by inhalation and by the stomach or the rectum. 3. Those
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larged and encroached upon the left. This shadow presented beats
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teats of cows exposed to wet in winter ; from hardened mud
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lateral recess is not extensive; but since the chief mass of the
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nable heresies, looseness of principle and of prac-
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used as a drain and the balance of the wound has been
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lint is the only dressing required after the operation ; and the
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tions daily are sufficient. There remains no mark of its use.
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health. The original attack had been of a slight nature. Nine
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M. Gubler has also proved that an infusion of senna when treated by caustic
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far forwards, we may get more or less marked hemianaesthesia though
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the name of micrococcus of sputum septicaemia, as the injection of saliva
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the fuUering becoming finer and the nails being driven

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