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frosting. Try it. The New York Court of General Sessions

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that the ways of men are very different from what it thought

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year previous to the time she was seen. The pains were diurnal and

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part cannot be doubted ; the only question is. How important a part ? To

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ity on obstetric anaesthesia, Dr. J. C. Reeve, of Day-

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were further classified. These included among other species the F. Gindlia and

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but as it soon passed off he thought no more about it. On returning to

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hand, while counter-pressure is made in the vagina with the index finger of

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Rowntree, and Turner^^ in their remarkable experiments with vivi-

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polypi) give rise to are such, that their existence can with care be

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The posterior part of the mucous membrane of the intercar-

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40 CC. weak albumen solution -f- 10 cc. 5 p. c. carbol solution evaporated and

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The first part, or the acting cause, will not be discussed at

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the absorbent vessels of the skin are paralysed. This

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the intima. In a few instances the innermost lamellae of the media are

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more the aerial and bone-conduction of sound have suffered, the more marked

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Attending Physician, North Shore University Hospital.

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broad sense but these do not always hold. I have been rather struck

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continued presence of the former amount, clinical observation

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leg. Note the absence of varicose veins and the improvement in the pig-

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and I (13) have found that after destruction of the clavate and cuneate

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thoroughly scraped it out, and after some time it healed up. The skia-

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The operation, as Tait pointed out, was especially applicable

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Francisco, en route to the Philippines. This was rendered neces-

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latter use their '* judgment" which may or may not be good. A first-class team

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straight portion, but is set on a slight forward angular dis-

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system, and a temporary cessation in the spread of the gangrene

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It has been already stated, that the rich and frag-

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