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vegetable substances, thus protected, will remain pure and with-

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the temperature was normal and the lad was feeling quite well.

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as much as possible; then feeding it on some "ear-marked" fat (unusual

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touched with phosphorus, will shatter a vessel of earthen-

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organ ; another smaller and similar nodule was found

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into the rectum about three weeks later, and resulted in an intrarectal fistula.

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dnoDg navaea, ehoold be prefcrred ; tar three w a o n w lie

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was provoked by questions, she began to acknowledge that she felt an

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It is the Pasteur Institute in Paris that has been the

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similar to the foregoing. It is carried, strapped to one of the

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they ever asked themselves whether this fact has anything

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course required to select a residency program. Their individ-

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It cannot be too forcibly impressed upon the minds of those using the

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he made clear his position regarding the employment

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ture of serum, which probably not infrequently escapes from

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We should be very thankful for the health our State has so far

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or condition of the animal at the time of operating; hence the

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a few minutes for the exit of three other ladies, was ushered into the op*

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nursed. Now, this reasoning is fallacious, for it is very rare that

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power field. The diagnosis of a ruptured right tubal

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of the veins and a beginning tortuosity of the larger vessels. The

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tendhio* Dr. Jenner's lectures on PatholoQ-ical Anatomv ; some

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