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trouble, a second exposure and a second infection. In addition

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The hospitals, too, were in readiness, the First Re-

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These degenerative changes in the nervous system and in the skeletal

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Hydatids have been discharged from the urethra, and numbers

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temperature of the atmosphere was of that nature, which

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remain at the present day, so far as pathology and treatment is

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Waserdampf beim Menschen. Arch. f. Hyg., 1896, 26, 32; Ueber die Kohl-

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f^"*'"-' '''»ray is not to be advised. Thus Mr. Treves says, " The

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plished by the incision or the incisions, and also through the

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We should never forget, however, that the pathologic interpretation

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case in such patients, during sleep, he had no doubt that the arm became

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very thin, and seemed to possess very little contractile power.

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the thing to that Dr. Sangrado, of whom, in his Gil Bias, Le Sage gave

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The first actd of the Medical Council have been of a kind to inspire full confidence in

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The first lesson set before our class was to learn the truth of the

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Puumala, Cloquet, Carlton County coroner, first vice

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sented to them, and in this wealiened state they are readily

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exosto.sis of the great toe, a p:irtial removal does not

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The duration of concussion is most variable, lasting from a few

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