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name of Filaria papillosa hcematica canis domestici.

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this suppository: IJ Honey ^i; Spec. Hiera Picra ^ ii [this

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lessen the sum of human suffering by alleviating poui»

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more than Avhisky. The fact remains that in those districts Avhere gout

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the constriction of the lids behind the globe is too tight, divide the

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scrupulous attention, the urine became ammoniacal and

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Department to have a Ijmph-node excised for microscopical examination, the

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also on this day a cloud of albumen. Gradually got worse.

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the more certainly because the want of the adhesive process so

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Fused chloride of zinc is in white, compact fragments, and very deliqueseent

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Cases of this kind had been reported by Dr. Begbie.

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ture on the duration of the pupal stage. The stage terminates with

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Rock and Rye will soon be found in every household where consumption or lung diseases abide.

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usual filthy surroundings of the piggery are by no means

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diseases in those that are employed in its manufacture, but one of

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necessary in septic cases, weakness of mu-cles. stretch-

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• Title page that includes current affiliation of all au-

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is useless and worse than useless ; it is positively destructive.

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►ose of studying the various types of cases in groups, of

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it might be well to warn them to keep their privies free from

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' Bead at the Medical ImproTemeDt Society, February, 1899.

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are then especially needed. When the odour of the breath is very

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tice insurance writer; St. Paul increased its market share i

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petently filled by younger men. This, too, is not the only reason for the

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shreds, which looked like portions of the epithelial layer of the softer

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containing virulent lanceolate cocci causes septicaemia in rabbits and mice.

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pipe without a varnished mouth-piece, to that caused by retained

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partly a matter of exposure ; the latter is merely a question of

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shall hold their offices for seven years : provided, that the terms

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