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oxidation does not set in and breathing goes on normally-

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her that she had taken, through mistake, the two capsules of strych-

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of the inflammatory products by absorption, and the new formation

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of the vessel, in a state more or less pulverulent, and the fluid

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periods of existence nutrition and development arc proceeding with greater

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tor's best ally since time began ; the harp of David

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venous stasis, caused primarily by heart insufficiency, but helped by

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next morning." Consumption is a disease (we would remark in

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spective Sections and not before the full convention, while

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“What Makes Women Nervous?” The principal speaker

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one central form of government. That thereby financial

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ments on four men that " the doses of alcohol employed

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the contagium is spread to a large extent by indirect contact involving

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not be carried beyond the hypera^mic stage in its effects. Generally

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of them are solutions, but one, Glyceritum Amyli is a semi-solid

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by a sinapism to the chest, and by very small doses of morphia.

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cles, as Lostorfer had asserted, were peculiar to the blood of syphilitic persons.

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It has interested us very much to find that these two cases, and also

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I have now only to add, that your prosperity as individuals, and

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great danger of convulsions if the quantity be greatly

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The pulse gradually rose to the normal, and the patient

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It is the alternating changes in intrapleural pressure that are respon-

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A Treatise an Medical Eledridtyj Theoretical and Practical^ amd Us

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and at the height of the paroxysm is intensely puerile.

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water is not a usual medium of infection with oxyurides. An inter-

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University of Pennsylvania; Assistant Professor of Medicine,

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By L. S. IIoRTON, House Physician to U. S. .Marine Hospital.

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Dr. J. Marion Sims, now of New York, and late of Alabama, one of

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