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from ordinary sthenic pneumonia. We may suspect, nay. even divine, on the

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Dr Charles Bell first joined the Edinburgh College of Surgeons as

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in lifting the feet off the ground, so that he drags them along after him,

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who told them that the difference was owing to wasting of the

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other hand, of the five cases in which the arrest was not followed

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the general consciousness. That it is received by the other

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The Office of Student and Faculty Development coordinates programs for high school and

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function may be made useful. There is such a wide margin

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physiologica. Alphabetisches Yerzeichniss der medicinischeu,

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some requiring hospital treatment, and in others change of

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The results are regarded as so consistent, when all possible

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not be able to bear the constriction of his uniform tight clothing

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gated and filled with borated gauze and dressed daily for two

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This forms a somewhat scattering growth on the higher more ea

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except some traces at the border of the epiglottis; dissection

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(i) R. R. s. has borrowed the descriptions of Garbha Yantrawi

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cicatricial tissue but with no fresh development of nodules. Occasionally,

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second has been accepted for publication in the Archives for Neurology and

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assertion which a careful examination of the unrivalled

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large doses of Tr. Hyoscyami might be used ; would give as

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to the thirteenth day the convalescence progressed normally.

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tions of all kinds, and the demands of the government in

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noted before the operation. Recovery in this instance was rapid. Child-

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the occasional attacks of pain in it, of which the patient com-

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the reverse, and that any mixture of anaesthetics is a mistake in practice.

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made with flamed scalpels and the contents of the honeycombed bauds carefully

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miasmatic theory is that it acts as an organism and owes its action on

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authority. The regular Medical Faculty will not be required

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attacks than the subjects of other renal diseases. At tlie same

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the sole of the foot was covered by a large black bleb, and on the dorsum

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