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the cases similar symptoms existed prior to the opera-

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while fats, suets, oils, and beans and rice, have nearly three

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very nervous persons, in great eaters, and in old people, is chiefly

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xud., 83 ; POGGSMD. Annalen, odL, 294 ; Ckemisches Centnlblatt, 1870, 385.

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so far been invoked for explaining the origin of these neoplasms

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ments for removing wounded soldiers out of action, and for the

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four or five hours. When introduced in this way the foreign body seems

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extensor thrust. The scratch reflex contains a certain element of the

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The part which these substances play in experimental pneumococcus infec-

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of all proportion to the reasonably assigned course.

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give some idea of the changes that have taken place in the pe-

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a state of calcification, which shows that the same cannot

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sired to know the physician's opinion : " He said, my dear hus-

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would be thought of one of these chaps in the treasurer's box if he pocketed

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institution brought them into close contact with the patients, whose

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evident from the normal figures obtained that the weight is an impor-

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The more conscientious and able of the regular profession tried to improve their

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subjects, and that the youth of the subject, the susceptibility of the tissues,

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available opportunity. These latter need at night all the

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sisted upon getting up at all hazards. At the end of

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The latter, when followed by Marchi staining, is always to be

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youth the sacrum is composed of five separate bones and the coccyx

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spoon curette of Simon introduced in 1872; but the blunt instrument

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tions before they could be appreciated, so that I was forgotten

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are very similar. Their differentiation, however, has become neces-

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pears that white sheep and pigs are injured by certain

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TTealing wells — Amulets and charms — Monasteries and medicine — Michael Scot —

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milk and eggs, will yield a normal quantity of uric acid,

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" follicles ;" but which, as they have no relation to glandular

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between cardiac and hepatic enlargement is noted. Dr. Abercrombie

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treatment her weight had increased from 7 st. 12 lb. to 9 st. 7 lb. ; she

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spasm of the lumbar muscles as well. He was taken immediately to

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The mainstay of established ulcer therapy is the provi-

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even the edible mushroom may cause a similar result, for

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