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mg/day. Similar CNS vascular lesions have been observed with several other drugs in this class.
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of tranquillity is restored, and nothing remains beyond the par-
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gical relief, are amenable to successful treatment by the perineal route.
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appearance in different stages of development. The stages occurred
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Q-T prolongation with atypical ventricular tachycardia
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supply of water wiU enable many broken-wiuded horses to
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tion of the upper eyelid which prevents it from cover-
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upon the dark problems which may surround it. Many a man
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to form any conclusion as to its value. The progno-
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He then issued his order, " Let there b« no restraint,"
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mation may not be necessarilly local, but may be carried through the
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tible cloud to a heavy flocculent precipitate. The reaction may occur
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base of the end phalanges, with marked cauliflower formation at the tips. All
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how the eye escapes in these cases. The main danger is embolism of
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further improved by combining with the fever-producing agent the
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December, 1789. A quarrel with an officer, Mr. G., having occurred, a
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years to live and even to be active. These cases have to be
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there was a regular periodicity with which the parasite could be found
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fection is more or less an idea inherited from the earlier days of
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Earl died of poison. So did George Boswell, " Mediciner and
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mechanical restraint, let us see if it is a fact that
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der part of the child's head, anointing those parts with fresh
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ained a total of 21 pounds over her nonpregnant weight of
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of diminished motile power of the stomach, resulting in an
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powers. I have found that it ;; better to form an emulsion with the
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tion of this substance to develop any of its activities. It has therefore
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can sit up ; they can move without pain ; and they do not develop
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version. This was with some difficulty accomplished
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Let us attend to the considerations upon which the illustrious

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