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peated and renewed extractions the acetone or alcohols cannot be
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any symptoms are apparent;- per,haps, owing to this fact, the authors
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system of feeding was adopted. Eoots are seldom given to
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twenty-four hours after feeding. The spermatic veins contained per-
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at similar results. In the first place he maintains that the
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of it, a deep interest in the treatment and cure of insanity. He was the first
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the injuries of war, the surgical operations they lead to, and their
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explanation of what takes place in such circumstances has not been
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To meet the requirement that has arisen from recent
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which is at times adopted, and there was that present which is sometimes
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He was given three doses of mercurialized serum intraspinally and four
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If the case is of long standing and one in which many
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interest, and gives us the following history : About one year ago
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adjacent object, and has been allowed to dry, he has observed that a salt-like
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a few weeks later, during a i-ail way journey. In Fel>-
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yngitis. There was a large, pulsating vessel on the
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whose structures, functions and instincts he has de-
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cence, and the rugae of the former are partially or completely ettaced.
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of G. U. Webster, from August 21st to September 24th, 1906. OflBice
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cessfully most of these cases in quarters, as the boys
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that within a period of four years and within a radius
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chronic diarrhea, 14; wilh dysentery, 16; with yellow fever (convales-
testoforce and xength x1 buy

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